Thursday, 16 June 2011

Walking Trees

One more day to go before I am practically off school. Then I just have block exams ... brilliant! I have an Italian exam on Monday, an English exam on Tuesday and a Maths exam on Thursday ... fun! Well, at least I don't have to go to school for the whole week.

On my way to school, we always walk past these beautiful trees. I don't know what they're called. Dad says they're Liquid Amber's but Mum says they're not ... hrmm. They always have piles of beautiful golden leaves at their feet and I love to scuff through them and try and step on the little spiky balls which also come from the tree. Here is a picture of some of their leaves on the side of the street:
I found this old notebook in my drawer the other day. It has these hilarious old poems I had written when I was younger. Things like:
On Christmas day I wanted
Some apple crumble pie
But instead of what I wanted
I got a yucky little tie
So I rushed into the garden
And caught a little fly
And when my hand was open
The fly had gone and died
Into the house I went
And chucked it in the bin
But after that occasion
I found a little fin
The fin was very handy as I had a little tin
But when the fin was broken
I chucked it in the bin.
Wow, what on Earth was I on? Such was the intensity of my early work ...
Today I forgot my sport uniform. I do walking with the Head of Sport teacher ... it's great fun :S Anyway, if you forget your uniform, you get a detention. I was about half way to school when I realised I had forgotten it. I was so annoyed at myself. It just so happened that my sister still had her sport uniform in her bag from the day before. She didn't need it and she said I could borrow it ... it was TINY!! I felt like a complete idiot! The shirt barely covered my tummy and the shorts stretched out as a result of my ipod and phone in the pocket and they were really short! Then, the teacher asked me to give the roll to Ms. Brooker. I had to run inside and search for her. It just so happened that she wasn't anywhere to be found! After a bit of searching, I came running back to the teacher. Everyone was waiting for me and looked impatient. The teacher was frustrated and said just to give it to anyone there. I raced back inside, my hair falling out all over the place, trying to look for another teacher. Every teacher I went to told me to go to another teacher and eventually one of them took it. By this time I was worried that the teacher was going to be pretty mad and I pelted back to the group who were all glaring at me. I was holding my hair and my shirt was riding up ... not a great experience! And to top it all, everyone thought that the week before I had truanted because I was late and had missed the group! Arr, I hate sport!

Well, at least I don't have to do HPE anymore!
Until next time, lovelies ;)
Miss Aalyn xx

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