Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Holiday Gossip

Well, Skye is indeed getting better. She is almost back to her old self again! That is to say, she doesn't eat her breakfast and likes to be alone and growls at me when I cuddle her too hard. Yes, Skye is back alright. Hahahahaha, that is so funny! Bobby was playing with mel's old toy cat which meows and purrs when you press it in the right way and it meowed at him. He jumped about 4 feet in the air! He looked utterly startled and cocked his head to the side. Now the cat's going crazy! Goodness, both dogs are going for it now. And they keep getting these shocks when it meows! Ahhhhh, they can be frightfully dim at times!
Well, anyway, today my friend Melanie (yes, I know, two melanie's in the house does get rather confusing) is coming over for a sleepover. She said she will bring some lovely food treats and we can stay up all night ... well, most of it anyhow. Tomorrow we will go into the city, about mid-day, to meet up with some more friends. I don't know exactly what we're doing yet, and neither does anyone else. I have been trying to get some ideas but there's not really much besides shopping to do! I mean, we could always go and see a movie, but I checked the movie timetables and there doesn't seem like there's much on at the moment. You see, my friend Ana, from Columbia, is an exchange student and she came at the end of last year. She is going back to Columbia next week and she wanted us to do something special with her before she leaves, as we probably won't ever see her again. I would have thought, though, that she would have something planned for us to do. Well, I suppose shopping will just have to suit. Maybe we can go have a coffee somewhere, hrmmm...
Yesterday afternoon, Mel and I went over to my aunt's house to look after her two children- Rueben and Ethan. They were even more adorable than ever and I spent most of my time reading Wind in the Willows to Rueben. Seriously, I read him like half the book! By the end of it, my throat was hoarse and I kept slurring my words. I was almost glad when Ethan dropped a plate on the ground and it smashed, it gave me an excuse to stop and go help clean up! I didn't exactly want to stop, but I didn't mind stopping, if you know what I mean. I love reading to little children, but after about 2 and a half hours, it gets a bit much. That night, Rueben asked Mel and I to come in and pray with him and his mum. It was so cute! He just lay there, eyes closed, while his mum prayed that he would have a good night sleep and sweet dreams and that God's angels would protect him. I almost cried, it was so beautiful. Just a simple, innocent prayer for a small child.
Well then, I had better be going, as I have quite run out of things to say!
Until next time.
All my love,
Miss Aalyn xx

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