Thursday, 15 September 2011

Hippies at the Beach

So 'I haven't written for a while' would be kind of an understatement. Yes, I do realize that I have been neglecting you all for quite some time. I still have my queries as to whether anyone ever actually genuinely reads this ... well if you are, then people must. But who are you? Where do you come from? Do I know you? I suppose I will never know.

So since you have gone to all the trouble of reading this far, I suppose I had better tell you what's been going on in my life recently. Well, let's start with everything that has happened (everything major that is ... I don't expect you to be interested in every minute of my life as that would just be sad and kind of creepy) since I last wrote. Let's see, well I went to see Jane Eyre again and ... well, let's just say it wasn't really much better the second time. Oh, and the Julia Child cookbooks arrived and they are AMAZING!! I haven't actually read through them yet but I have flicked through the pages and they look simply divine.
Two weeks ago I had the flu ... yughhkk! It was absolutely hideous and I spent the whole week in bed, coughing like a honking duck and crying shamelessly. I also managed to read a whole book in that time. I am now slightly tired of Harry Potter. A week of reading it non stop has kind of exhausted my 'Harry Potter Meter'. I also watched hours of terrible lifestyle shows which were highly amusing. Mostly they were about weddings or fashion or renovation. Oh yes, I went there.
At the end of that week I felt much better and managed to heave myself out of bed long enough to undergo a barista course with my best friend. It was TERRIFIC fun and I even managed to be the only one in the class to utterly make a fool of myself by spraying milk all over the floor and myself, much to the horror of the young assistant yelling at me to 'turn the mixer off, switch it OFF!'. By the end of the 3 hours however I was rather exhausted and I couldn't hold off my 'inner duck' for much longer. Almost as soon as we exited the building I burst into a major bout of honking and spluttering ... oh dear.
Anyway, the next day I went to Northshore again. Remember that place I told you about? Where we go and have picnics? Well, as it was father's day, we thought it would be nice to take my mum's dad along with his wife and other daughter (my aunt) with her husband and sons for a picnic. It was a lovely outing, and the boys enjoyed it thoroughly. My youngest cousin (around 1 and a half), was absolutely fascinated by the beach and the sand and consequently spent most of the time buried knee deep in dirty brown sand, smiling broadly. The elder brother (5 and a half) managed to find himself a 'follower'; a beautiful little girl with lovely blonde hair who ran after him wherever he went. I went up to check on them at one point and shortly found myself playing 'horsey' and galloping around wildly, 'running away from Indians' and eating apples until I was quite breathless and mum called me in, slightly startled that I should be gallivanting around like that so soon after being sick. Seeing her logic, I politely quitted the game, shortly followed by my disappointed cousin.
Last week, I was invited (via facebook) to a friend's 18th birthday party. I was rather touched that she should think to invite me and so immediately agreed to attend. I was also enthralled to discover that my best friend would be attending also. Reading the invitation further, I discovered that the party would be 'hippie themed'. Having absolutely no hippie clothes currently in my wardrobe, I invited my best friend to come along on a shopping trip with me. I was thoroughly pleased by the end of the experience (which is rare) as I had bought everything needed to transform myself momentarily into a 'modern hippie'. I purchased; a long tan skirt (short to the knees at the front and long to the ankles at the back), a white formal shirt that could be tucked into the skirt, two sets of gold bangles, medium sized gold hoop earrings, a brown and lace small handbag, a thin cotton headband and a pair of 5-inch tan heels. Okay, so I went a little overboard with the accessories, but hey, it is hippie! I was so excited with the success of my purchases that I completely forgot who I was shopping for; myself. Ah, yes ... a 15 year old girl with a single mum ... oops! You can imagine the shock on my mother's poor face as I reached into the shopping bag and pulled out the 5-inch heeled shoes. She would probably have crashed the car if we hadn't been pulled up at a set of lights. Actually, I think she was so shocked, she found it slightly amusing. So now I am forced to show them off to anyone who comes over, only to be pelted with a torrent of disapproving 'tut-tut's' and 'oh dear's' and 'goodness gracious''. But graced with my mother's good nature, I have been allowed to keep the shoes and even wear them to the party! I guess that comes from being such a good child (cough, cough).
Well, this is becoming rather long my dears so I think I shall have to leave you there for now.
Miss Aalyn xx