Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Vintage Desires

Dearest readers,

Today was my first day of Term 2, Year 10. I am joyful to say that it was a fairly good day, even the weather was on my side! It was chilly and rainy; my favourite weather apart from snow. I was informed today in science class that at the end of term we would be having a science fair... a what?!! I thought they were only in cheesy American movies where spotty little boys with Harry Potter glasses made volcanoes which exploded to show the judges and proud parents cheered them on and raved about their ingenious little son's creation. Apparently not, they actually happen! Well, this should be interesting!

Music: I don't listen to it very often but I do adore it so. I wish I did listen to it more and gain a better knowledge of the wonderful art. I think I shall. What music do you enjoy, readers? I love classical and jazz. I am extremely ignorant of classical composers I must confess but I do know a little about jazz singers. I love crooners like Dean Martin and Michael Buble and gorgeous 1940's style group singers like The Andrews Sisters. I also love Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. They sing beautifully together and apart. I also love more modern singers like Jack Johnson, Enya and Feist - pop I guess you could call them.

I think I am going to redesign my bedroom this year. Hopefully for my birthday I will receive a little money to spend on furniture so that I can go into op shops and buy a lovely new desk and chair which my room so desperately needs. I would so love to create the feel of vintage old-fashioned style in my room which I adore so. My room is getting along well as far as ornaments go as I have acquired a fair bit from op shops and french stores over the last year or so. I hope to be able to present this with furniture soon as well.

I am, at present, reading about 4 different books at the same time. All I have acquired from op shops. They are: Jane Eyre, Morning Glory, A Year of Space and The Long View. I have to say, the only ones I am enjoying so far are Jane Eyre and Morning Glory. This probably explains why I am so much further through them than the others. I would like to start reading the Jane Austen books as well which I am determined to finish by the end of the year. I have started Emma and Pride and Prejudice but I shall have to start them again as I have forgotten everything I have read (I started long ago, you see) and would like to start at the beginning. I do so love the films and would love to see what the books are like. So far I am liking them and am anxious to continue. I was also in the process of reading the Little House books and will have to start the next book soon. Oh goodness, I have so many books I have not finished or started, I barely know where to begin! I have acquired many beautiful books at op shops which I have barely picked up and must start soon.

The funny thing is, I have so many romantic and old fashioned ideas but, really, I mainly spend my time either on the computer, doing homework or at school. I mean, I'm only in Grade 10 and already I find myself strained for time with all the work I have to do. Even on the first day back I have plenty of work to catch up on. That reminds me, I have a maths assignment to do so I had better leave you I'm afraid.

Fondest love and affection,
Miss Aalyn xx

Monday, 25 April 2011

Thankful For Life

Dearest readers,

Easter; a time of year I once delighted in. Of course, I still love it as, being a Christian, I am able to remember the amazing sacrifice my Lord made. But it's not the same delight I once bore. It's more of a peaceful devotion; a knowledge that I am so incredibly lucky. I once thought of Easter as a time for eating lots and lots of chocolate and not being told off for it. Of course, I knew what it meant and the reason for it all but I never really gave it that much thought; I was just glad of the excessive loads of chocolate piled high in my sticky palms. I still do love chocolate; it's one of my favourite foods, but now I'm not quite so desperate to devour as much as I possibly can in one day. I am taking it slowly; something I am not too experienced in. I want to be able to savour the food, but not just that, also the memory of the food and the reason I am eating it. Easter holds a new light for me now and I am glad of it. I want to be able to spend time thanking and remembering. Rather than stuffing my face I want to fill my mind with good thoughts.

As well as being thankful for my incredible saviour, I am also today able to cuddle a beautiful baby boy. Not my own, of course. He is the son of some very good friends of ours, over in Brisbane for a week or so. Its just so nice to be able to hold a baby in your arms and feel the warmth and smoothness of their skin. Its so incredibly soothing and lovely. Indeed, I keep on making excuses to hold him. We went for a walk in the park today and I was able to take him in the baby sling. He seemed to love the gentle movement as I walked and he fell asleep quickly. Apparently he was listening to my heart beat and that put him to sleep as well as the gentle movement as I walked. I had to be careful not to stop moving or he would stir and start to whimper. Whenever we had to stop I had to just rock him gently. Ahhh, I am definitely going to have children!

I got back from a 6 day camping trip on Friday. Firstly, we drove 5 hours to Coffs Harbour and stayed there for a few days before heading down to Girawween. It was a really enjoyable trip and I bought a few op shop things which I am very pleased at; I love op shops and vintage style you see. My best friend even bought a pair of wooden clogs! Indeed, I would love to own a pair but I don't imagine myself actually wearing them. As well as physical objects we obtained a few mental things as well. These things are memories which we will remember for a long time to come. I am sure we will look back at the photos when we are old ladies and remember how we used to be young and fit and we will remark "Oh, do yo remember that? We were so young and fit and oh! Look at you there, don't you look funny!"

Tomorrow is my last day of holidays and I am feeling rather forlorn. I have to keep reminding myself of the scripture "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." This scripture always encourages me but I still find myself groaning as I remember that I have an assignment due the first day back. Oh well, 'life is short' so I had better enjoy it while I am still living on this earth, who knows how long I have left...

On that note I shall leave you, readers.
Much love,
Miss Aalyn xx

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Positivity in the Making

Dearest readers,

I have promised myself to refrain from negativity in today's post. I am sure you are all leaping for joy, well, whomever you may be. Shall I share with you some happy intelligence then? Today was my final day of Year 10 term 1!!! Hurrah! Are not you simply weeping with delight?? Well, neither am I, but I am certainly immensely happy.

What makes you happy readers? Shall I share with you my word of the day? Well here it is:
Hitherto- up to this time; until now: a fact hitherto unknown.
Is not that a fabulous word? Well, I fancy it is.

I am in the process of hand sewing a french style quilt for my first child. Yes, I know, it is rather forward thinking of me but, until he/she is born, I shall have it for myself. The colour scheme of the quilt is made up of browns, whites, blues and purples. It is supposed to represent the hillsides of Provence, with the lavender fields and brown plains. I am not very far through, having only cut out the patches and embroidered the lavender and some of the french phrases but quilts aren't made in a day.

Autumn is come but it feels as though Summer still lingers. Although the days appear to be getting colder, they feel the same to me. I long to finally be able to wear scarves and coats and gloves and socks but it appears I shall have to wait a little longer.

I don't think I have yet told you readers about Scotland; my past home. Well then, you are in for a treat! If you have ever seen the series 'North and South' then you will have had a good idea of the place in which I lived. For, you see, I lived in that town, called Milton in the movie . However, its true name is Stockbridge and it is just as gorgeous as it appears. It is one of the few towns left in this modern era which is soley old stone buildings, Victorian style. I settled there with my mother, father, sister and grandmother for a grand total of 4 years. They were, I must say, the best 4 years of my entire life. I simply adored the chilly climate, gorgeous scenery and friendly locals and I long to visit at least once more before I die. Here are a few photos of this adorable town:

Isn't it just darling? Well readers, there you have it.
Until next time, toodle-oo!
Yours adoringly,
Miss Aalyn xx

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A self-conscious disposition

Dearest readers,

How does one go about living without trying to prove oneself to others? I'm sure I cannot. I just don't know how not to care what others think of me. The media sure doesn't help in this quest for freedom. How can people just go outside wearing grotty, sloppy, but comfortable clothing and not give two hoots about the sideways glances and muffled giggles of passers by? I'm sure I shall never possess that art. It pains me to state that getting dressed in the morning will continue to be a stressful task.

Could someone please tell me how to go about doing my hair like this?:

I do observe other's hair and try to take a mental snapshot for later, but, to no avail. I simply cannot do it! I am convinced my hair hates me. It works for others, but as soon as I come along it starts being annoying. I would absolutely love to be able to put up my hair and be fully satisfied but this is a rare phenonmenon and usually only happens when I am alone in my bedroom, experimenting.

I am marvellously excited at present; tomorrow is my last day at school before going on holidays! Always an exciting prospect and, these holidays, I am going camping which, I am quite sure will be most exciting! And, to top it all, my dearest friend will be accomponying me; how delightful!

Well, I guess, in some respects I am no more than your average, self-conscious teen. I care about what others think enormously, despite the best efforts of my beloved family and friends to convince me that 'it matters not what is on the outside, it is the inside that counts'. Please, do not mistake me; I do not mean I disagree with this statement, to be sure it is one of the truest and most inspirational phrases of all. No, that is not the issue, my friends, I am the issue. I see beautiful people walking around, presumably, without a care in the world and I find myself wishing I could look like them and be beautiful.

Well, there I go again, being all negative. You must be feeling depressed, let me enlighten you! Shall I tell you about my future life, well, a very compacted version? Sit tight then, my dears. I plan to, when I finish school, take a year off to go travelling around Europe. This will be an exciting and inspirational tour I am sure and I am vastly looking forward to it. I shall then return to Australia and do a course on teaching for either Primary School or, ideally, Early Childhood. Another option is journalism as I do love to write and I would love to be a writer for a lifestyle magazine and write a monthly article on weddings or something similar. I shall then go on to be a teacher/journalist in the rolling countryside of England in a small town, living in a cottage. By that time, I will hopefully have found myself a loving husband to share my ambitions with. I will go on to have three children, two girls and a boy. The first would be a girl named Charlotte Mary, the second girl would be named Violetta Anne Rose and the boy would be named Edward Benjamin.

Of course, all of that will probably never happen but I do so love to dream that it will. I have also planned my entire wedding but I shall save that for another day or we shall be here 'till Christmas.

That, dearest ones, is where I shall leave you for now. Until next time then.

Yours devotedly,
Miss Aalyn xx

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

All about me :)

Dear readers,

Life is short ... why does everyone always say that? To me, life is one of the longest things you could ever encounter. Well, I suppose it is ... so why does everyone always say it's short? I suppose it must be compared to eternity but still I feel as if I should at least be in University by now, instead of in the first term of Grade 10. Only Grade 10!! Phew, how long does this thing called life take?

Well, anyway, I suppose I had better start telling you about me. I'm not really quite sure why anyone would want to hear about my daily life but, at the urgings of a beloved friend, I suppose you must. My full name is Aalyn (pronounced ai-lin) ... yes, I know, rather "unique" isn't it. I'm not sure whether I like having such an extraodinary name but, I suppose it is fitting as, in this society, I have a rather extraordinary nature. I am not your usual teenage rebel as one would expect from a girl so young. I am a hopeless romantic and long to be married as soon as I find myself a "suitable partner". Haha, I am reminded of Mr. Collins in Pride and Prejudice when I say that, how dreadful!! I am, as you by now have deciphered, 15. Well, at least, I will be in 18 days :D

I live in the most cut off and remotest part of the world, Australia. Rather unromantic, huh? Well, I am persuaded to make the most of it, although, as soon as I come of age, I shall be out of this place for good. Shall I tell you my reasons for disliking the place in which I was born? Firstly, it is far too HOT for my liking. I prefer the colder climates, 15 degrees and below. It is also absolutely crawling with bugs, creepy crawlies and venemous animals... urgh! I must say, I am the world's biggest sissy, running 5 miles at the smallest of moths. Another reason for disliking Australia is that Christmas is in Summer!! How about that? My favourite time of the year in my least favourite season! How tiresome! Well, I shall not go on being so negative as I am incredibly apt to do.

How about the things I love about life, hey? Well, I love romantic, old fashioned lifestyles. I love affection, especially shared between husband and wife (sigh). I love the English countryside, rolling hills, gurgling brooks and woods, etc. I love darling little children. I love snow and rain and cloud. I love classical music. Hrmm, well I love many, many things but that is all I shall leave you with for the moment.

Something in life which I am exceedingly grateful for is my beloved family and most darling best friend. I am quite certain I must have the best family in the entire world. Of course, they have their moments as any normal human being is certain to do, but to me, they are perfect, without a flaw. And my bestest friend, Stephanie Grace, is the most darling girl and most loyal and beautiful friend in all the world. I love her for so many reasons but one that I will share with you; she has many of the sames likes, hobbies and fantasies as myself. Of course, this makes conversation considerably more interesting and exciting. Indeed, sometimes I think she and God are the only ones who truly understand me.

One other thing which makes life wonderful is my most magnificent and amazing Creator. He has always been there for me and has never, not once, let me down. I cannot tell you how comforting it is just to talk to someone who cares and know that they love you and are actually interested in what you have to say (even though He already knows :D). I try to be a faithful Christian but, I am afraid, sometimes I fall rather far off track. In time, I hope to draw closer to God and get to know him better. I am sure I am in for some amazing experiences in the process :)

Goodness, this is getting rather lengthy. Alright then, my  dears, until next time.

Yours adoringly,
Miss Aalyn xx