Wednesday, 8 June 2011

My Children

I've often thought 'well, my kids will do it differently'. So many things these days are just, well, they aren't how I'd like my children to do things. I don't want them to grow up with the television, watching TV from 7 till 10 o'clock in the mornings and then becoming stroppy because they have to turn it off again for a few hours to 'play'. I want them to wake early and just play all day, well, apart from when they have to do their chores. I want them to use their imaginations when they play. I won't spoil them too much with toys as I want them to make their own. You know, a piece of string and a stick can make an excellent fishing rod. Or a small branch could make a marvellous walking stick. I want them to use their imaginations as much as possible.
Of course, I will give them toys and they will watch movies every now and then but mainly I want them to run around all day and go exploring. So many children you see these days spend their days indoors watching television or playing computer games. Of course, I'm not saying that all children are like that, only an increasing number. I also want my children to grow up with certain books and songs and stories. Like for example, the Little House books and television series and Winnie The Pooh and Famous Five.
I also want them to have chores, I'm not going to spoil them with too much play. They will milk the cow and collect the eggs and wash the dishes and dust and sweep out the house. They will make their beds and feed the chickens and let the cow out to graze. I will also teach them at an early age how to cook and sew. They will also be taught how to be polite and speak properly and know their bibles. They will grow up with lots of biblical songs also. I will make sure to sing to them often, which is a practise I rarely put into play. For my children, though, I would dearly love them to grow up with music and a knowledge of music.
I want them to go to school as well and to learn. I want them to remember the good times when they were read to by the fireside on mummy's knee or when we all sang songs and danced around the living room. I am anxious not to spoil my children. I couldn't think of anything worse than to have spoilt children. But, then again, I certainly won't be harse or unkind. I will be strict but gentle with them. I will also take great care to make Christmas time special in our house. We will always have a real Christmas tree and put up stockings next to the fire (well, pinned to the mantle). We will also have a wooden sledge and my husband will ride with the children down the hill in the snow. We will all make a huge snowman and fit him with a hat and scarf and a carrot nose. I will teach them all Christmas songs and we will have roast chicken with potatoes for dinner. We will also go to a church service and hopefully, have Carol singers come round to sing in front of our house.
Well, until that day comes then, I had better start learning some songs and collecting some books, hey?
Fondest love,
Miss Aalyn xx

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