Saturday, 4 June 2011

Birthday Proceedings

Dearest readers,
My oh my, it has been a time since I last wrote. I have not much to report except that I apparently look like 'death warmed up'. I have developed a painful chesty cough, sore throat and have recently gotten over a runny nose. How tiresome! Do not you just hate colds?

Today was my mother's birthday. She turned 42. Goodness, how old everyone is getting! We had breakfast this morning bright and early at a lovely little cafe on the corner of the street and then mum met up with a friend for coffee at a shopping centre and Melanie (my 13 year old sister) and I walked around the shops looking for nothing in particular. I ended up buying 4 books; Anne of the Windy Poplars, Anne's House of Dreams, Anne of Ingleside and Rilla of Ingleside (all, as you can see, from the Anne of Green Gables series).
For mum's birthday we bought her some lovely dark silver hoop earrings by Basque, a lovely blue scarf and a Myer voucher. She was very pleased, I am happy to say. We then went out for afternoon tea later in the day with my grandparents (mum's parents), my Uncle, Aunt (mum's younger sister) and two cousins (beautiful little boys of 5 and 1). I had the task, as usual, of looking after the older boy. We travelled the seven seas, spotted dinosaur eggs and slid down a dragon's tongue all in the space of about half an hour. What a sight we made!
Last night, mum's best friend (and my best friend's mum) organised a miniature surprise party for mum. Two of mum's close friends were invited as well as her sister. I hear they had a grand time. My best friend, her dad, her brother, my sister and I went to see a movie together (the latest Pirates of the Carribean) whilst they had their fun. Having not seen the other movies, Stephanie had the arduos task of trying to explain the other three movies to Mel and I. We were both heartily confused but decided it didn't much matter.
Tomorrow will hopefully be a bit of a quieter day. We will go to church in the morning and then rest in the afternoon. Perhaps Melanie and I may visit my best friend's house. Well, I just hope I get better soon. I don't want to be sick on the last few weeks left of school! Well, in a way I do, but in a way I don't.
Until next time, my dears.
Miss Aalyn xx


  1. ...And it was arduous, mind you ;)

  2. haha yes I can imagine ... I have trouble explaining normal movies :S