Sunday, 19 June 2011

Chuckles and Gloom

Friday was my last full day of real school before the holidays! I'm sooo glad! We finally finished our cyber drama unit. We went a bit overtime as the stupid hard drive took AGES to upload the videos and we were really worried (and by we I mean Jess) that the teacher would be mad at us for going overtime. She has begun to develop a bit of a short temper for people that make her stay late you see.

On Friday night my best friend came round for a sleepover at my place. We watched 'Death at a Funeral' with dinner, a comedy about a funeral ... now who's bright idea was that then?
And as if our sides weren't already hurting enough, we then watched a comedian on YouTube called Lee Evans for hours and hours into the night. He is absolutely HILARIOUS and we had a hard job stifling our giggles by stuffing pillows into our faces. We weren't supposed to even be awake, let alone watching YouTube, so we had to be as quiet as possible and watch it with one earphone each. Ahhh, good times! She also slept over the night before last and stayed most of yesterday. It was nice to see her again, we had more than our fair share of midnight snacks and giggle attacks ... hey, that ryhmes!
Today I have my Italian exam at school, the first out of three for exam block. I'm not looking forward to it! It's a writing exam and we have to write at least 120 words on something or other ... and we're not allowed dictionaries! How STUPID is that? What, are we just supposed to study the entire dictionary??? Our teacher's not even allowed to tell us what the exam is on, we 'just have to study, study, study'! Arr, sometimes I hate school!
Well, after my exams I will be on HOLDIAYS :D :D :D ! I wonder what I'll do for 2 weeks. Probably spend most of the time in the car travelling between mum's house, dad's house, Steph's house, Nana and Pop's house and Grandma's house I expect. That usually sums up our holiday timetable. Hopefully my friends from school and I can go to the city and see a movie or something as well.

Isn't it funny when you go out somewhere and you spot somebody and can't tell whether they are a guy or a girl? And you ask your friend and you both study the person together, searching for any tell-tale signs. Then the person realises you are both staring at them and then it's awkward for everyone. That happened to me yesterday, except I was with mum, Mel and Steph and we were in a cafe. There was a guy at a table beside ours and he had him arm around someone's shoulder beside him. We spent ages trying to figure out whether it was a guy or a girl and we had to alternate between who looked at them. We couldn't all be looking at the same time you see or that would definetely be suspicious. We finally figured out that it was two guys ... we didn't feel like eating much after that.

Well I suppose I should study then, shouldn't I. I don't really know WHAT exactly to study but I will try my best.
Much love,
Miss Aalyn xx

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