Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Autumn Reverie

Autumn... a wonderful time of the year. Well, at least, in Scotland it is. I love the way the leaves turn and flutter to the ground, creating large piles of golden glory. I used to love to step on the leaves on my way to school and here the loud crunch as they were crushed beneath my shoe. I also love the feel in the air that winter is coming and the cold nip of a chilly morning. I have to say, weather is a very important factor in life for me. I simply do not believe I could convince myself to live somewhere where the weather is hot and unforgiving. And the fact that in Australia Christmas is in Summer is one that I simply cannot live with when I have children of my own. I would so love them to grow up knowing Christmas to be in the winter where they can make snowmen and ride down the hill on a wooden sledge.

Today in drama we did a meditation exercise at the beginning of class. I cannot say when I have ever felt so relaxed. Shall I tell it to you? Well, here it is.
Breathe slowly. In ... and out. In ... and out. Block out all thoughts and sounds from your mind except the ones concerning your breathing. Forget about everything else. Just breathe. In ... and out.
Imagine you are stepping into an elevator on the 21st floor. You see the rows of numbers on the elevator wall. You notice that the light for number 21 is lit. Imagine the elevator is slowly moving down. You see the numbers counting down from 21. Count them slowly and breathe in between each number. 20- in ... and out. 19- in ... and out. 18- in ... and out. Keep going like this until you have reached number 1. The elevator doors open and you step out. In front of you are 21 stairs descending down. You step onto the 21st step. Breathe in ... and out. Step onto the 20th step. Breathe in ... and out. Keep going like this until you have reached step number one (the bottom step). In front of you is a door. You open it. Inside there is a long corridor. All the way up and down the corridor are doors. Someone greets you and leads the way to your door. You open your door and go inside. This is your room. Noone else has ever been here before. It is yours and yours alone. What does your room look like? Is it small or large? Is there furniture or is it bare? Is the furniture antiquated or modern? Is there anyone else in your room? Is it messy or tidy? Is it bright or dark? Take a walk around your room and take in every detail. Once you have taken a good inspection you leave your room. You walk down the corridor and open the door. You walk up the 21 stairs, breathing in between stairs. You step into the elevator and breathe between floors. Step out of the elevator.

By the end of the exercise (we were lying down by the way) everyone was practically drooling. There was some other nonsense which I left out about 'your subconscious leaving you a message' but I just wanted to have a look at my room, who cares about my subconscious! My room was beautiful. It had a single white wooden bed against one wall with beautiful lace sheets. Beside that was a bedside table with two old fashioned books and a white clock. To the left of the bed was, against another wall, a large wooden wardrobe. Beside that was a full-length white mirror and beside that, on another wall, was a small grandfather clock. Beside this and opposite from the door I had entered was another door. Beside this was a rocking chair with a shawl draped over it. On the fourth wall was, over to one side, a window with a window seat. Light was pouring in through the window. The room was very bright and pristine; everything in its place. I have been there before. Sometimes I am the only one in it. Sometimes there is a small white dog there, sleeping on a rug. Sometimes my future husband is there and the bed is upgraded to a double bed. Whatever it is, its beautiful and I adore it.

Well, dear readers, there I shall leave you.
Until next time, my dears.
Miss Aalyn xx

ps. please tell me, readers, what your rooms look like! I would love to hear all about them.

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