Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Vintage Desires

Dearest readers,

Today was my first day of Term 2, Year 10. I am joyful to say that it was a fairly good day, even the weather was on my side! It was chilly and rainy; my favourite weather apart from snow. I was informed today in science class that at the end of term we would be having a science fair... a what?!! I thought they were only in cheesy American movies where spotty little boys with Harry Potter glasses made volcanoes which exploded to show the judges and proud parents cheered them on and raved about their ingenious little son's creation. Apparently not, they actually happen! Well, this should be interesting!

Music: I don't listen to it very often but I do adore it so. I wish I did listen to it more and gain a better knowledge of the wonderful art. I think I shall. What music do you enjoy, readers? I love classical and jazz. I am extremely ignorant of classical composers I must confess but I do know a little about jazz singers. I love crooners like Dean Martin and Michael Buble and gorgeous 1940's style group singers like The Andrews Sisters. I also love Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. They sing beautifully together and apart. I also love more modern singers like Jack Johnson, Enya and Feist - pop I guess you could call them.

I think I am going to redesign my bedroom this year. Hopefully for my birthday I will receive a little money to spend on furniture so that I can go into op shops and buy a lovely new desk and chair which my room so desperately needs. I would so love to create the feel of vintage old-fashioned style in my room which I adore so. My room is getting along well as far as ornaments go as I have acquired a fair bit from op shops and french stores over the last year or so. I hope to be able to present this with furniture soon as well.

I am, at present, reading about 4 different books at the same time. All I have acquired from op shops. They are: Jane Eyre, Morning Glory, A Year of Space and The Long View. I have to say, the only ones I am enjoying so far are Jane Eyre and Morning Glory. This probably explains why I am so much further through them than the others. I would like to start reading the Jane Austen books as well which I am determined to finish by the end of the year. I have started Emma and Pride and Prejudice but I shall have to start them again as I have forgotten everything I have read (I started long ago, you see) and would like to start at the beginning. I do so love the films and would love to see what the books are like. So far I am liking them and am anxious to continue. I was also in the process of reading the Little House books and will have to start the next book soon. Oh goodness, I have so many books I have not finished or started, I barely know where to begin! I have acquired many beautiful books at op shops which I have barely picked up and must start soon.

The funny thing is, I have so many romantic and old fashioned ideas but, really, I mainly spend my time either on the computer, doing homework or at school. I mean, I'm only in Grade 10 and already I find myself strained for time with all the work I have to do. Even on the first day back I have plenty of work to catch up on. That reminds me, I have a maths assignment to do so I had better leave you I'm afraid.

Fondest love and affection,
Miss Aalyn xx

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