Friday, 20 May 2011

Disposing Wealth Into the Pocketbooks of the Wealthy

Something undesirable-

Money: a round nugget or a leaf of paper used in trade for the purpose of purchasing goods. Although I am only 15, I am already starting to feel the need for this wretched item. I have many weaknesses. One of them which I will presently share is that I have a substantial urge to spend money. I walk into a shop, I see something I want, I buy it. Simple ... or is it? More often than not I don't actually have any money with me. It stays safe and sound (rather too safe and sound) in the bank. Consequently, I find myself owing people. I am in debt! Thankfully, this money is soley owed to family members, but the feeling of being in debt is already starting to weigh on my heart. The problem is birthdays. There are just so many birthdays in the year that I find myself bankcrupt! Just when I have saved up enough money to pay back my family, a birthday arrives and I spend it all again! Round and round this cycle goes until finally I have just enough money to pay back my family AND buy presents. This moment is finally here and I am tremendously excited. But wait, what is this? Another birthday? Another TWO birthdays? It cannot be! Yep, that's right, both my parents have birthdays at the start of June and now I have to go and buy them presents. Oh, have I mentioned that I like to spend a LOT on people's birthdays? Usually (the price halved with my sister) I spend around $30-$50 on my parent's birthdays ... each! And now, when I have finally saved up enough to pay back everyone I owe, another two birthdays come up and slap me in the face! It's just one on-going, vicious cycle.

If I have learnt one lesson from all of this, it is to THINK before I spend! That's usually my problem. As soon as I have money to spend, WHAM, it's spent, just like that! Most of the things I buy are bought on sales or when a particularly cheap item appears. But all these little things add up and before I know it, I am faced with a large sum. I must learn to think 'hrmm, before I buy this particularly lovely item, how much money do I have? How much do I owe? Is anyone's birthday coming up? Do I really need this?' and so on.

So there you have it readers, there's my rant for the day. It feels good to get it out of my system! When I grow up, I shall save!

Contrary to everything I just said, today I bought (well, actually, mum bought) some lovely winter clothes; a black trench coat (which I had to unpick and then resew onto different spots the buttons), a black and white scarf and a black and silver belt.

Much love,
Miss Aalyn xx

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