Tuesday, 12 April 2011

All about me :)

Dear readers,

Life is short ... why does everyone always say that? To me, life is one of the longest things you could ever encounter. Well, I suppose it is ... so why does everyone always say it's short? I suppose it must be compared to eternity but still I feel as if I should at least be in University by now, instead of in the first term of Grade 10. Only Grade 10!! Phew, how long does this thing called life take?

Well, anyway, I suppose I had better start telling you about me. I'm not really quite sure why anyone would want to hear about my daily life but, at the urgings of a beloved friend, I suppose you must. My full name is Aalyn (pronounced ai-lin) ... yes, I know, rather "unique" isn't it. I'm not sure whether I like having such an extraodinary name but, I suppose it is fitting as, in this society, I have a rather extraordinary nature. I am not your usual teenage rebel as one would expect from a girl so young. I am a hopeless romantic and long to be married as soon as I find myself a "suitable partner". Haha, I am reminded of Mr. Collins in Pride and Prejudice when I say that, how dreadful!! I am, as you by now have deciphered, 15. Well, at least, I will be in 18 days :D

I live in the most cut off and remotest part of the world, Australia. Rather unromantic, huh? Well, I am persuaded to make the most of it, although, as soon as I come of age, I shall be out of this place for good. Shall I tell you my reasons for disliking the place in which I was born? Firstly, it is far too HOT for my liking. I prefer the colder climates, 15 degrees and below. It is also absolutely crawling with bugs, creepy crawlies and venemous animals... urgh! I must say, I am the world's biggest sissy, running 5 miles at the smallest of moths. Another reason for disliking Australia is that Christmas is in Summer!! How about that? My favourite time of the year in my least favourite season! How tiresome! Well, I shall not go on being so negative as I am incredibly apt to do.

How about the things I love about life, hey? Well, I love romantic, old fashioned lifestyles. I love affection, especially shared between husband and wife (sigh). I love the English countryside, rolling hills, gurgling brooks and woods, etc. I love darling little children. I love snow and rain and cloud. I love classical music. Hrmm, well I love many, many things but that is all I shall leave you with for the moment.

Something in life which I am exceedingly grateful for is my beloved family and most darling best friend. I am quite certain I must have the best family in the entire world. Of course, they have their moments as any normal human being is certain to do, but to me, they are perfect, without a flaw. And my bestest friend, Stephanie Grace, is the most darling girl and most loyal and beautiful friend in all the world. I love her for so many reasons but one that I will share with you; she has many of the sames likes, hobbies and fantasies as myself. Of course, this makes conversation considerably more interesting and exciting. Indeed, sometimes I think she and God are the only ones who truly understand me.

One other thing which makes life wonderful is my most magnificent and amazing Creator. He has always been there for me and has never, not once, let me down. I cannot tell you how comforting it is just to talk to someone who cares and know that they love you and are actually interested in what you have to say (even though He already knows :D). I try to be a faithful Christian but, I am afraid, sometimes I fall rather far off track. In time, I hope to draw closer to God and get to know him better. I am sure I am in for some amazing experiences in the process :)

Goodness, this is getting rather lengthy. Alright then, my  dears, until next time.

Yours adoringly,
Miss Aalyn xx


  1. Darling, darling, darling,

    Life is short! SO short :)

    I am frightfully glad that you humored me and made a blog, I must say. I must also praise you for its imediate gorgeousness, and agree that you are somewhat apt to carry, negativly, on but I shant let you!

    yours admiringly,
    Stephanie xx

  2. Yes, I do possess a rather negative nature I'm afraid :S