Monday, 25 April 2011

Thankful For Life

Dearest readers,

Easter; a time of year I once delighted in. Of course, I still love it as, being a Christian, I am able to remember the amazing sacrifice my Lord made. But it's not the same delight I once bore. It's more of a peaceful devotion; a knowledge that I am so incredibly lucky. I once thought of Easter as a time for eating lots and lots of chocolate and not being told off for it. Of course, I knew what it meant and the reason for it all but I never really gave it that much thought; I was just glad of the excessive loads of chocolate piled high in my sticky palms. I still do love chocolate; it's one of my favourite foods, but now I'm not quite so desperate to devour as much as I possibly can in one day. I am taking it slowly; something I am not too experienced in. I want to be able to savour the food, but not just that, also the memory of the food and the reason I am eating it. Easter holds a new light for me now and I am glad of it. I want to be able to spend time thanking and remembering. Rather than stuffing my face I want to fill my mind with good thoughts.

As well as being thankful for my incredible saviour, I am also today able to cuddle a beautiful baby boy. Not my own, of course. He is the son of some very good friends of ours, over in Brisbane for a week or so. Its just so nice to be able to hold a baby in your arms and feel the warmth and smoothness of their skin. Its so incredibly soothing and lovely. Indeed, I keep on making excuses to hold him. We went for a walk in the park today and I was able to take him in the baby sling. He seemed to love the gentle movement as I walked and he fell asleep quickly. Apparently he was listening to my heart beat and that put him to sleep as well as the gentle movement as I walked. I had to be careful not to stop moving or he would stir and start to whimper. Whenever we had to stop I had to just rock him gently. Ahhh, I am definitely going to have children!

I got back from a 6 day camping trip on Friday. Firstly, we drove 5 hours to Coffs Harbour and stayed there for a few days before heading down to Girawween. It was a really enjoyable trip and I bought a few op shop things which I am very pleased at; I love op shops and vintage style you see. My best friend even bought a pair of wooden clogs! Indeed, I would love to own a pair but I don't imagine myself actually wearing them. As well as physical objects we obtained a few mental things as well. These things are memories which we will remember for a long time to come. I am sure we will look back at the photos when we are old ladies and remember how we used to be young and fit and we will remark "Oh, do yo remember that? We were so young and fit and oh! Look at you there, don't you look funny!"

Tomorrow is my last day of holidays and I am feeling rather forlorn. I have to keep reminding myself of the scripture "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." This scripture always encourages me but I still find myself groaning as I remember that I have an assignment due the first day back. Oh well, 'life is short' so I had better enjoy it while I am still living on this earth, who knows how long I have left...

On that note I shall leave you, readers.
Much love,
Miss Aalyn xx

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